Juli Moon Cosmetic Tattooing is part of Juli Moon Studio Inc., where we do three types of tattooing: decorative, 3D nipple / areola and cosmetic.  To see examples of my other tattooing styles, please visit our other sites by clicking on the links below.

All cosmetic procedures are performed in my private room, where I follow strict guidelines of cleanliness and will only ever use single use needles.  I welcome you to browse this site and lean more about the procedures we offer. All of our services are interactive and we will work together to have an aesthetically pleasing result. If you don't see a listing for the type of cosmetic tattooing you are seeking, please feel free to email me and ask about it.

I understand that the majority of my cosmetic clients have never had a tattoo before and so I want to reassure you that your comfort is of the utmost importance.  I use a topical anesthetic for my cosmetic work to minimize the discomfort  of the tattooing. You may also bring a friend or loved one to be with you during the procedure.

      To the right, you will find some pictures of the studio.  You are always welcome to email me with your questions, arrange a tour of the studio or book an appointment.

Juli Moon Studio Inc.  9 Boston St. Lynn, MA 01904  (781) 598-8282