Eyebrows are the single most important feature on your face in terms of expression. Many of us have very little or no brows to help us express our feelings and accentuate our conversations.  A beautiful brow helps to give a “finished” or “polished” look to our overall facial presentation, even when there is no other makeup being worn.

     The first thing we do is play with pigments to match your hair and skin tone as we find a color that is esthetically pleasing to you.  Once we find the perfect color, we paint the brows on your skin, and make adjustments to determine the placement, size and shape of your desired brows.  Following that, a topical anesthetic is applied and allowed to set for half an hour to help numb the area before the tattooing process.  When the tattooing is complete you will have the opportunity to evaluate the work and request any minor changes you wish to have done. It is important to note that when your brows are freshly tattooed they will appear darker than they will when they are healed.  The brow area may also be slightly reddened and swollen after the procedure, this is temporary.

     We will then provide and verbally go through after care instructions and a follow up appointment is scheduled for you come in to review your brows and replenish any pigment loss experienced during healing.  This is also an opportunity to address any small changes you may desire after living with your new brows for six weeks.