Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between microblading and cosmetic eyebrow tattooing?

     There's a lot of misleading information about this on many microblading sites.  The folks posting those answers are not tattoo artists so they can only make opinionated guesses as to why their product is better. They are both tattooing techniques that replicate realistic looking eyebrows but they are done using different equipment and pigments. microblading is not considered permanent makeup because that method requires touch ups every few months to a year depending on the colors used.


Does it hurt?

     Although everyone’s pain sensitivity varies, I use a topical anesthetic for my cosmetic and restorative work to ease any discomfort you may experience.


Is the procedure safe?

     Yes. Your safety and comfort are extremely important to me. I take great care to ensure that  the highest standards in  cleanliness and safety are practiced in my studio. I'm re-certified yearly to keep up to date on those standards. In addition, all needles are all single use and properly disposed of. I also clean and do fresh set ups for each client and wear gloves gloved during the procedure.


How long does a procedure take?

     The length of the procedures may vary.  I book 3 hour appointments to be sure that we have more than adequate time to perfect color, size, shape and placement before applying the topical. The actual tattooing portion of the appointment may take as little as 15 minutes.

What are your hours?

     I work by appointment only. I try to usually schedules two appointments on the days I'm at my studio. I take my first     appointment in the morning and another in the afternoon around 3pm.  I do take appointments on Saturdays, but they fill up quickly.


How soon can I get an appointment?

     I'm usually booked up  about a month or two in advance, but at times there are cancellations or holes in my schedule that may allow me to fit you in earlier. Please email me and let me know the best days and times of the week for you and I'll find options for you.


Do I need a consultation?

     For eyebrows. lips, eyeliner, and 3D nipple areola tattooing, a consultation is not usually necessary but you're always welcome to schedule one if you would like.  A consultation is recommended for color correction, scar camouflage and scalp micropigmentation. To set up a consultation, you may use the link below to email me.


What forms of payment do you accept?

     We accept cash, debit and credit cards.




Frequently Asked Questions