People seek cosmetic and restorative tattooing for many reasons. Whatever your reasons may be, I would be honored to assist you in the privacy of my tranquil studio.  I have experience in working with all types of hair color and skin tones.  Since there are so many combinations, together we will color test and I'll mix together different pigment colors to create just the right match for you.  After we find the right colors we will use them to create the right coverage or shapes, size, balance and placement before any tattooing takes place. I also use a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort from the tattooing process.  Most of my cosmetic clients have never had a tattoo before. The unknown can be unnerving for most people, so your comfort is of the utmost importance.  We do allow you to bring a friend of loved one to be with you during the procedure.  Thank you for considering my services, I look forward to meeting you.


     Please click the links below to see photographs and detailed narratives of the  procedures I offer. If you are unsure of the right cosmetic service for you below, please feel free to email me and we can address your needs and discuss solutions.